Time Goes By


It's nearly the end of 2022. I don't know how to encapsulate my feelings about this year coming to a close. It doesn't feel real, to be quite honest, like the ticking of a never-ending clock. It'll keep ticking even when the year is over and the calendar restarts. I'm both looking forward to and petrified for 2023. I wish I could bottle my early 20s and turn them inside out and into something worth saying I've lived. Truth of it is that I was twenty when the pandemic started, and now I'll be twenty-four come the summer. It's frightening.

However, I won't miss 2022. Not really, I think. The year started terribly, with a medical emergency, and now doctors appointments are one of the only reasons I leave the house anymore. I lost a lot, gained a lot. I guess everyone can say the same, can't they?

I picked up guitar in the past few days. I've always wanted to play it, and now I have more motivation to do so, so I've been teaching myself. I'm not the best at it, but it's been a lot of fun. I have a song I'm learning that a close friend wrote, and he's been helping me out with getting the melody and notes right. It's a good bonding activity, and we're hopefully going to be able to both play and sing this song together soon.

Speaking of, some close friends and I are working on a concept for a webcomic together. We decided it's going to be a fantasy story, with fairies and faeries, elves, angels, demons, and dozens of other creatures. I've been working on concept art for some of the characters we've come up with. I'm currently drawing the Autumn Queen, the fairy queen of the autumn forest. Her domain is where one of the protagonists resides, and I'm loving her design so far. Hopefully the art of her will be on my art instagram soon.

I also created a Youtube channel to upload my music, which has been nice. I've got two songs up at the moment, and I'm hoping to make more and put them up as well. You can find my channel here, and I hope you enjoy the work I've put out!

I think that that's all I really have to say. I've not got much going on aside from those. I'm looking forward to working more on my novel once I've spent some time away from it - NaNoWriMo really exhausted me to be honest - and I'll hopefully have some updates on that soon enough.

I hope you're all staying well and comfortable. Thank you for reading, and be well.