Welcome to my website!

A central hub for my work!

My name is Bishop! I'm a creative from the United States. I like lots of things, but mostly it's writing, drawing, music (listening and making), and photography! Fashion is also a hobby of mine.

This website is going to function as a central hub for all of my work, and hopefully I won't forget to update it often!

Clicking the "About" tab will lead you to a page where you can learn about me. Clicking the "Blog" tab will take you to the page where I'll be writing all my blog entries. Then there's the "Bandcamp" tab, which takes you to my Bandcamp, where I'm starting to post my music! The song above is actually my debut single, it's an instrumental piece I worked on! The "Commissions" tab will take you to my ko-fi and commission a piece. You can also buy me a coffee, if you want! And finally, the "Gallery" tab, where I'll be posting sketches/sketchbook stuff as well as digital and traditional pieces!

That being said, I hope you enjoy your stay in my corner of the weird web!

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